Roulette Game Rules

Online roulette is a fun and exciting game that can offer huge payouts for players. While roulette may seem intimidating to new players, the game is actually quite easy to learn and master. A number of online casinos will offer free roulette games so that new players can learn how the game is played and become comfortable with betting before they wager any cash on the game. There are two common forms of roulette that can be found online, American and European. The games are played in the same way with the only difference being the number of spaces on the wheel. With American roulette, there is an added space, the 00, which will increase the house edge, making European roulette the better choice or most players.

To play the game, players will buy chips, which will be different colors so that player bets can be identified on the table. The bets will be placed and the croupier will spin the wheel. In roulette, the goal is to guess the number or colour that will appear when the wheel is spun. There are different ways to bet with roulette. Players can choose a single number, a group of numbers, odd or even, colours or the zero spaces. With so many options, most players will choose to start with simple even/odd or colour bets.

Roulette is not a difficult game to learn. The thing that many players will spend time on is learning the odds for the different bets that can be placed. This is why it is beneficial to play some free games prior to betting so tat players will know how to place bets and achieve the best payouts from the game. Online roulette is offered in all major online casinos and players will find at least the two common variations of the game.

Some casinos will also have progressive roulette and this offers a jackpot for getting correct numbers in a row. It can be quite difficult to win this jackpot, so these games are not as popular. With a little practice, any new players will soon be able to place cash wagers on this exciting game and enjoy the rewards. Online roulette is not as complicated as players may think and after a few practice games, they will be ready for the real cash action online.