Baccarat Game Rules

Baccarat is an Asian card game that is featured in top rated online casinos. This game is fast paced and may seem confusing, but it is quite simple to learn to play. The game is played with multiple players and a dealer, offering some great chances to win high cash payouts. When playing the game, there are only three bets that can be made and these are fairly easy to understand. The options are betting on the banker, player or a tie.

When the game begins, two hands of two cards will be dealt. These are the banker and player hands. Players will then bet on which hand will have a total value that is closer to 9. A card total that is 9 will be considered a natural and is an automatic win. If the card total is 8, this is the second bet hand that can be held. Should the banker and player have a vale that is the same, a tie will be called and only tie bets will win that game.

The strategy is in the betting when playing Baccarat. The player hand offers a low house edge of just 1.29% and even money will be paid on the win with no commission. The banker bet also pays even money, but there is a 5% commission that will be paid. The house edge for this bet is even lower, at 1.01%, but many players will avoid this because of the commission that must be paid on a winning hand. The tie bet may seem to be the most attractive with an 8 to 1 payout, but this bet has a huge house edge of over 15% and most players will avoid tie bets whenever possible.

When determining the value of a hand, all cards from 2 through 9 will have face value. All tens and face cards will be worth 0 and the ace will always be worth 1. The goal is to choose which hand will be closest to 9 when the card values are totalled. Players can draw cards if the banker does not hold a natural, but if the value is 6 or 7, players are free to draw a card to improve their hand. There are only three cards allowed during play, so drawing cards should be done with caution.